My Learning Disability is the Best Thing About Me – Written by a SUPER Graduate

This post was written by Alyssa Goodwin of the 2014 Graduating class.

Have you ever thought about what’s the best thing about yourself? Like really thought about it, if you had to answer that question and pick just one thing what would it be? We should all feel like it’s a hard question not because there’s nothing good about each and everyone of us but because there’s too many good things that God has put in us and created us with.

Today I figured out my answer and it surprised me. The best thing that makes me, me. Is something I have been ashamed of even hated at times but today I saw it in the raw beauty that it is. The best thing about me is my learning disabilities. Yes that’s right I said my learning disabilities.

For years I have had to push harder, I have taken more time to learn things and have felt more frustration then I ever wish too. But during those times God was doing something beautiful in me he was creating me and making me unique.

Today I saw all that hard work and frustrations and embarrassment turn into strength and determination. You may ask what was so special about today? Did everything magically click?

No the opposite happened I had one of my hardest days at school. I had to take notes for 2 hours straight and if anyone has ever watched or maybe even experience someone with dyslexia taking notes. Well it’s easy for a few minutes then it becomes frustrating your brain begins to work faster than your hand and everything becomes a jumbled mess. trying to keep up with everyone else and the more you work to keep up the worse you can’t write.

I then had math. By the time I got to math I was mentally drained and wasn’t sure I had the strength to push through a lesson and a test. I sat down and got out my calculator that my accommodations allow. About an hour into working a lady comes over she’s one of the teaching Aids and says very loudly are you on an IEP. I was embarrassed because I knew many students herd her. I said yes I am and her actions changed she looked at me like I was so dumb and began to talk down to me. I told her I passed the test and she acted suprised.

At that moment I realized she doesn’t know how God has made me unique (God didn’t give me my learn disabilities but he sure did use them for his binifet and has made my life better) all she sees is someone with a disability she didn’t see the 5 hours I worked on the math yesterday so I would pass the test. She didn’t see how tired I was because my brain and hands were fighting with each other all day.

I felt sorry for her because I knew that God has taken the word disabilities and replaced with determination. For the first time I was glad that I learn differently, I might have to work harder and at times want to quit and not push to be the unique person God has made me to be. My brain doesn’t see flight as an option it goes straight to fight. Am I wouldn’t change one thing about that.

I challenge everyone to look down deep and see the beauty in what the world may say is the “worst” quality about yourself. To everyone that has any kind of disability you are beautiful wonderful, determined and God has a huge plan for you don’t ever give up. Let God take what the devil meant for evil and turn it into a beautiful gift. The way you learn is who you are try your best and no one can stop you!! I hope everyone will see the beauty in themselves. God has a plan just keep pushing forward and don’t let anyone bring you down.


Note from Lyn Goodwin, Alyssa Goodwin’s parent.

Life brings so many issues to our children . Some as parents we can fight for them others they have to stand alone . As you may know SUPER was founded because of the struggles my daughter faced . I was blessed to create a learning environment where she could grow and strive . This post she wrote is small glimpse into her world the world many face the world with learning disability , it takes extraordinary strength courage and determination to get through just one day in her shoes . She is a hero in my eyes . She and everyone like her living with a disability are the silent Heroes of our society . I’m a better person because I know so many like her and have witnessed their struggles and been blessed to share in their victories ! But most of all I am a better human being because of raising such an amazing kid , one with a “disability” that make her who she is an extraordinary person ! I’m so honored that she calls me mom.