Our Difference

S.U.P.E.R. Learning Center is a chartered, nonpublic, faith-based school where students with special learning needs find the resources, understanding and compassion they need to be successful. We built our school on the principle that every student is unique, and, therefore, has unique ways of learning. It’s our job to help uncover what each student needs in order to flourish, and to provide a safe and positive environment in which they can succeed.

As parents and family members of children with special needs, our staff understands what you and your child are going through. Our experience, expertise, and natural instincts help us to provide methods of instruction that work best for each individual student. We take a fluid approach to teaching which enables us to effectively adjust lesson plans in ways that boost the academic performance of our students.

At S.U.P.E.R., we pride ourselves in providing a whole family experience. Our student body is comprised of both typical and special needs students grades K-12. We are recognized by the Ohio Department of Education, which means all of our graduates receive a diploma.