Dignity, love, support … 

It’s what all children need and deserve in an education!

Your special needs child can step into a brighter future with S.U.P.E.R. Learning Center — Ohio’s leading cognitive development center and autism school!

When both mind and body are in motion, learning is enhanced. Through two revolutionary and proprietary training programs — Right Brain Training and Fast ForWord — SLC has been serving children with autism for two decades.

As a chartered, non-public school, we follow all the core content standards for the State of Ohio and provide a valid diploma upon graduation. Our teachers are state-certified.

Programs provided include — but are not limited to — all facets of student academics, life skills training occupational therapy, social skills training, speech therapy, and vocational training.

And we provide our students the opportunity to enjoy all the fun activities other schools do: dances, talent shows, student council, field trips, library time, drama club … the possibilities here are endless!

Seeing is believing here at S.U.P.E.R. Come see for yourself! Fill out the form today to get in touch with us, request a tour of our beautiful campus, or receive more info:

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