Top 10 reasons Parents Love S.U.P.E.R. Learning Center

Coming up on our 15th year as a leading Ohio Special Needs School, we felt it was time to develop a Top 10 list to better illustrate why so many parents love us.

1. Our Christian faith-based program keeps God at the center of our children’s lives by constantly reinforcing that they are all God’s Children with special a special purpose.

2. Our annual Talent Show helps our kids find their hidden talents, encourages to pursue their passions. Participation is above 70% every year and develops social skills such as overcoming stage fright.

3. Three recent graduates invited to join the prestigious Psi Beta National Honor Society.

4. Our Academic Fair allows kids to showcase what they have learned, and most importantly why it’s important.

5. Our staff and faculty truly care about the students. We believe in helping our students succeed.

6. Our Leadership class helps kids learn about civic duty and government as they serve as Junior Leaders for their school as they help make decisions on school activities and organize events.

7. When it comes to transitioning from the academic world to the “real world,” Our internship network provides students with on-the-job training and comprehensive and compassionate placement assistance.

8. For those students going onto post-secondary education, our schools program exceeds all of the necessary requirements for moving on to the next level.  95% of our graduates have gone on to post-secondary education.

9.  We’re not a brand new school that just opened on the latest fad of schooling.  We’re celebrating our 15th Anniversary in October 2015.

10. The Top reason parents love S.U.P.E.R Learning Center is that their kids tell them so, but don’t take our word for it.  You can read our Heroes (Happy Students) here.